Dream to become public speaker

As usual it was normal day, I got up for school, I was excited as it was my first day in class 3. First lecture started and it was science class, from my childhood I hated science, the teacher gave her introduction and then number wise she was asking students their names and what they want to be in future. When my turn came I stood up and I told my name, I stuck many times while speaking and when she asked me what I want to be in future I replied I want to be public speaker, after listening my answer whole class start laughing even the teacher herself, and then for almost a week my class fellows made fun of my answer and the innocent child left her dream.

For them it was just a funny thing, but they didn’t knew because of their fun someone left her dream. We live in a country where people will never encourage you to achieve your dreams they will always laugh at you. I came home I looked myself in mirror and cried for hours, my ears still could hear the laughter.

I use to ask my mother how am I and she use to reply I am the best girl( most beautiful and intelligent) on this earth and I use to think why people can’t see me through her eyes.

Maa kash ye duniya muje tmhri nazar se dekh skti

kia kahu zindagi ke barey mein wo log hi bichae gye jinke liye hum zindagi hoa krty thy.