Final semester of MBA

I enrolled in Iqra Univeristy Islamabad in 2019, as it is said we get what is written in our destiny, it was never planned to take admission in this university, before coming to Islamabad for my admission i made a short list of university which i had to visit, iqra university was not in my list but it was in my destiny, i came NUML and they told me admissions are closed, and iqra university is next to Numl, so i decided why not check this university.I got impressed and took admission in Iqra.

3 years of Mba was a roller coaster journey, a journey of ups and downs, a journey where i meet different people belonging to different provinces and areas of Pakistan. I made some good friends and the bad ones taught me a good lesson.I met some amazing teachers and some amazing people. I aslo experience one year online classes which was also a new learning lesson for me.

It is not important if you are in a private or in government university, yes fee is different in both sectors but the thing which matter is knowledge and how your skills and abilities are being enhance. I have seeing students passing out with zero knowledge, what will you do with that piece of paper. I captured some good memories which will keep reminding me my time i had in this university.

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Tooba Asif Chaudhary

kia kahu zindagi ke barey mein wo log hi bichae gye jinke liye hum zindagi hoa krty thy.