Lessons from COVID 19

Staying several months at home due to COVID-19, classes started on campus and after two weeks we were again shifted to online classes. Online study is never easy for a hardworking student. Biggest obstacle i faced during lock down was i gain 10 kg weight. Living in a society like Pakistan where every second person around you will comment on your physical appearance, people will never be happy in any case, it you are fat then why are you too fat and if you are slim why are you too slim. We all had different plans as 2020 started but ALLAH had planned something else for us, and how for months lockdown was around the world, all powerful nations had to bow down against this virus and it was only God who could help us from this. When after 9 months no proper vaccine is formed against it. Biggest lesson which COVID-19 gave us is that even if we get so much advanced in technology still we can not compete with our Creator, humans made robots who act like humans, i heard this from someone that robots will be given human brain and feelings as well.



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Tooba Asif Chaudhary

kia kahu zindagi ke barey mein wo log hi bichae gye jinke liye hum zindagi hoa krty thy.