Nothing will convince you more of an impossibility than seeing the impossible happen in front of you. In my story the impossibility was my mother death from cancer.

As a Muslim we have a believe that we are born and one day we have to die born. But for some childish reason — perhaps a trick of faith in the impossible that protects us from the primal fear of being left alone when we are young . I never pictured a world without my mother. While she got cancer at last stage even then she didn’t lose hope and she fought her battle. The most well known hospital of Pakistan ‘ Shaukat Khanum ‘ we went there as we use to think its the best cancer hospital and the doctor there was a cancer specialist graduated from USA he saw my mothers reports he refused to take her case and said in front of her that we cant operate her because she won’t survive how can a doctor say this to a patient who wants to live and fight then we went to another private hospital and her treatment was finished within one year.

Everytime i saw her being worried for me who despite having cancer,she was trying to make sure that i G

get something to eat and rest.

On 27 October 2016 she left this world until her battle was with cancer she fought it bravely but then it was her battle with God will and no one can win from HIM.

I walked into a room where her body lay on a bed, covered by a sheet up to her shoulders. I sat next to it, searching for signs of the woman that raised me who loved me more then anything in this world who care about every small thing in my life how easily she left me. . Her hair had thinned from chemotherapy. Her face had grown thin with dark circles on her face . Her eyes were closed, her beautiful eyes in which I use to see love for me.
3 years now without her , I dont even remember the last time when someone hugged me with love or someone asked me have you eat something and many things. Those are the things I miss the most. Even now, there are nights where I wish that I could go to her sit on her knees and tell her how much depressed I am that I could ask her advice, I wish that I could tell her whats going on in my life, I wish.



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Tooba Asif Chaudhary

Tooba Asif Chaudhary

kia kahu zindagi ke barey mein wo log hi bichae gye jinke liye hum zindagi hoa krty thy.