■ The biggest obstacle of our society is the gender discrimination among girls and boys. Where people prefer to have boy as first child as its their assumption that a boy is the one’ jis se nasal agey chalti hy’, but we have forget the saying of Prophet(PBUH) who said lucky is the women who’s first child is a daughter. People prefer first child must be boy after which they can have a daughter as well. If first child is boy then their second wish would be they should have at least two sons so that burden should not be on one son. I have seen people saying we have 3 daughter and one son now we want another son so that both brothers can divide the burden of their sister’s marriage. In a house where there are two babies a girl and boy the girl will never be treated the way the boy is being treated.

■ Living in 2020 if you want to have many friends and people around you then you need to look beautiful, a good height, good figure, good phone in hand and money in bag soon you will have bundle of people around you. But what if someone don’t have all these qualities then you have to strive alone. People will come in your life just to judge you, highlighting your mistakes and gaining benefit from you, the day you wont be beneficial for them they will throw you out like a tissue paper is thrown into dustbin after using it.People will love you after looking how beautiful you are or if you are not beautiful how wealthy you are.

■ A girl is safe no where not even at her home, on daily basis new cases of rape and then murdered are coming on social media and these are those cases which are being reported there are any cases which never gets report. A 6 year old girl raped while she was going to masjid, 8 years old girl raped by Imam of masjid, 12 yes’s old girl raped by her uncle, new born baby girl thrown from 3 floor, 4 year old girl shoot by gun because she was screaming while playing and her uncle was getting irritated and he shoot her. People are not sacred of others while doing this all, but don’t forget this ALLAH is watching and surely you will be punished for your sins, this world is based on giving and getting, today what you will do wit someone else tomorrow same thing will happen with your own daughter or son. So have patience and wait for ALLAH answer, courts of Pakistan can free you but Court of ALLAH will punish

kia kahu zindagi ke barey mein wo log hi bichae gye jinke liye hum zindagi hoa krty thy.