We live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan

We say we live in a Muslim country but where is Islam? where is Islamic teachings? which are being followed and where are the true followers. We are Muslim but unfortunately just by name, we are a Muslim country just by name. Building mosques , fasting in Ramadan, paying zakat does not make us a Muslim and we think this think will help us entering paradise .

11 years old girl in Sindh got raped by Masjid Imam who lead prayer in Masjid, girl father went to police station , police didn’t register FIR and the Imam is still the Imam at masjid and the silent society is quiet, shameless people and system. Is this a Muslim country where girls was not safe even in masjid. Drama and movie are made on such issues and producers earn money in which at end person who did rape gets hang but in real life he’s freely moving around.

Now lets just talk about Social media of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Lux awards held in Canada, Pakistani awards held in any other country, that’s not the sad part the sad part was unfortunately there was not a single female actress who was wearing proper shalwar kamez with dupata , all of them were wearing sleeve less dresses , full naked back or legs and they representing Pakistan holding hands and walking so proudly like the have done something really good and they calm they live in Islamic country.

Queen of England came Pakistan and she wore shalwar kamez a clear slap for all actors who think wearing short dress will make them more famous and their instagram and twitter followers will increase, and Pakistani designer who make these dress and then models do ramp walk and people appreciate them, appreciating them for what, for doing their publicity, those dresses cost above 1 lac and poor people who living on 500 daily wage. Media couples gets engaged or in relationship then go for world trips living together uploading pictures at beach or any other place wearing short dresses and still they not married yet, when they can live together what’s the purpose of getting married, our Prophet(PBUH) said that if you love each other nikah is the best choice, love is not haram in Islam but what they doing that’s haram. Our youth see them likes their pictures and follow them as they consider it as fashion. Pakistani dramas which are shown on Tv and Pakistani viewers get influence by them, love stories which are shown those things dont happen in real life but the problem is youth take it serious like if girl goes university she will meet her husband as shown in drama and they will get married, as in real life when girls go university the first guy who cares for them they start imaging that he will marry her but in reality such things happens rare. Another thing which our Pakistani drama tells that if one drama is on air based on rape or child abuse and gets rating then in a flow two or three more get on air with same theme like recently I was watching drama serial 'Meri Guriya' on Ary and soon after that another drama with same theme ' Heevan' same story. The only drama which I saw and according to me was real based was' Angan' on Ary Digital. Now Pakistani movie have item songs in their movie plus heroines with short dresses and people do like them and movie gets a hit blast

Few days back again a video got viral one of my friend shared that with me, in which a car going on motorway from Islamabad to Lahore, someone captured the video in which a girl was seen without clothes, Like seriously we live in a Muslim country. All powerful Muslim countries have strong rules and laws and it anyone disobey them serious punishments are given but in Pakistan punishment are only given to poor people, rich people get jail for few time then they get bail. Punishment system is only for poor people. And we still say we live in Islamic Republic of Pakistan.



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Tooba Asif Chaudhary

Tooba Asif Chaudhary

kia kahu zindagi ke barey mein wo log hi bichae gye jinke liye hum zindagi hoa krty thy.